2015 Riesling

2015 Riesling

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What We Taste
Light, lively, always shimmering. Sweet lime, Mandarin orange and fresh kiwi notes, with accents of lemon blossom & honeysuckle, and a beautifully pervasive minerality. Wonderfully balanced acidity --- this wine kind of dances gracefully on the tongue.  Finishes with spiced pear and citrus notes, and utterly intriguing minerality.  

What We Made
100% Riesling. 13% ABV. 1.1% Residual Sugar.

How We Serve
Serve at a brisk at about 45 degrees. That's roughly 45 minutes in your refrigerator. When in doubt, chill a little longer; you can always bring it up to temp. But honestly, this wine shows best at chilly temps.

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