COVID-19 UPDATE: Bistro, Tasting Room, Wine Club Pick-ups

Miramonte does Takeout!

Open Daily
9 am - 5 pm
Order Line: (951) 506-5500 #125

That's right, Am'murica!  The Bistro is now open for phone orders / takeout. We have been advised we are an "Essential Service" for the community, with the ability to help feed ya'll in these challenging times.  So we've called some o' the team back to work, and created a simple, all-American menu.
To order simply call us at (951) 506-5500 ext 125  

We have a flat priced, family-style menu, with a few a la carte items -- all at crazy low prices.  Check it out:

(feeds 4)

{choose 1}
dry spice BBQ ribs
4 torch wings
meatloaf de miramonte
pesto mac n' cheese

{choose 1}
potatoes au gratin
all-Am'murican fries

{choose 1}
vegetable medley



Spread + Bread  /  $14
Charcuterie Board  /  $21
Stuffed 'Shrooms  /  $13
Spring 380 Salad  /  $13
Caesar Salad (Wedge)  /  $11
Side o' Chicken  /  $5


We hope you and your family are healthy and safe!  And we hope this new takeout food helps you a bit in these challenging times.  Keep the faith!  Much love from all of us at the winery.  :)




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