GREAT NEWS!  Cast Your Vote for Us … 

Hey Everyone,

GREAT NEWS!  USA Today has nominated Miramonte as one of the 10 Best Winery Restaurants in the country!  

Its a huge honor, and we’re very grateful.  Think of it.  Our soulful, little bistro is competing with some truly stunning, world class properties.  Its nothing short of amazing.  Great news for Temecula, and great news for small wineries everywhere. Goes to show you how a little vision, hard work and perseverance can pay off.

So chalk one up for the little guy, and CLICK HERE TO CAST A VOTE FOR US! 

Get your down home, local winery noticed up there alongside the big boys.  There is some very stiff competition.  If we place in the Top 5 — not sure what we’re gonna do yet, but we’re gonna do SOMETHING for you all.  Count on it!  🙂

Cheers & Thanks,

Cane Vanderhoof, Founder

2 comments on GREAT NEWS!  Cast Your Vote for Us … 
Rosalie Smith
Did I read somewhere that during the month of Aug, wine club members get an additional discount at the Bistro for lunch??
    Cane Vanderhoof
    Yep! 50% OFF Mon - Fri --- 12-3PM!! A thank you gift for getting us into the #5 of the USA Today Best Winery Restaurants in the nation! Hope to see you soon. :)

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