2016 – We Dedicate to You!



Hello Everyone,

Welcome to 2016!

So fair warning, this email is a little wordy.  We know that.  But we’re hoping you take 5 minutes to give it a quick read.

2015 – a Wild & Glorious Ride
Last year was a truly amazing time at Miramonte.  We pretty much exploded.  Our wine club alone more than doubled in size, and in all that crazy energy we hardly had a chance to reflect on what was happening. But we’re doing that now.  And I can truly say, we feel we have the most amazing wine club members ever. You’ve stuck with us through the insane growth — and we appreciate that more than you know!  We appreciate your patience, your loyalty, and your commitment to fully enjoying life and the people you share it with. Which is really what the wine life is all about, right?

2016 – We Dedicate to You
So this next year we dedicate to you. We’re giving back to our wine club family in a great many ways.  We’re planning more and smaller, more intimate events and gatherings. Pick-up parties, winemaker dinners, comparative tastings (incredibly fun, don’t miss these), etc.  Generally speaking, we’re slowing the entire winery down, limiting crowds, getting to know you better, and doing our best to make the winery your home away from home.  (If you’re a Ship To member, you won’t be left out. We have a few tricks up our sleeve for you, too. 🙂

So cheers to you!  Thanks again for a fabulous 2015.  And here’s to an amazing 2016!  Whatever you do, make sure you spend a good deal of it at Miramonte, where you belong, sippin’ in the sun and feeling groovy.


Cane Vanderhoof
Miramonte Winery

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