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Hello Everyone,

First, I want to thank you all for your great patience.  We’ve grown so very dramatically this past year.  It has been incredibly exciting, although sometimes hard for us to keep up.  We appreciate your support while we’ve undergone so much awesome change. In the background, we’ve also been preparing the winery to better manage our new size — and to launch some exciting new plans for our club members.  Today, we have some great news:

  • Miramonte + Public House.  Its official. The bistro finally cometh! Miramonte Winery has joined creative forces with Temecula’s ever-glorious gastropub, Public House — to launch our long-awaited Flower Hill Bistro & Herb Garden at the winery. Our soft opening is scheduled for October 1.  {Insert angelic voices here}
  • Miramonte Beautification.  We’re preparing to re-beautify the entire Miramonte grounds.  When you receive 10,000 tasters a month, we’re finding things really change.  This is a new level for us, we’re still learning, and a little freshening up is required. We started planning about a month ago, but the real visual work is now about to begin and will unfold thru November.  Great news!
  • Wine Club Area.  The new eco-friendly, man-made grass in the club lawn is scheduled for install the first week week of September.  Just a little more patience, people!  That dry, brown lawn is about to go away.  🙂
  • Club Events.  Now that kitchen construction is coming to a close, we will be returning to our regularly scheduled programming. That means regular club events beyond just Twilight Tasting.  Keep an eye out for upcoming announcements …
This all took longer than planned, what with County bureaucracy and weird weather and all.  But we’ve finally made it thru. And now?  Vino-culinary inspiration, and uncommon wine club goodness are both about to happen — and that is something worth celebrating!  Thanks for your patience, and for being a part of our winery family.  None of this would be possible without you, and believe me, we do it all for you.  So get ready for a great fall season, and beyond, at The Monte!

Cheers & Happy Tasting,

Cane Vanderhoof, Head Wine Dude
Miramonte Winery

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