Website Shout Outs

Website Shout Outs
Late last night/early this morning we published the initial version of Miramonte’s new web site.  We’re very excited about that – it represents the culmination of a great deal of work.  I have to send a couple of key shout outs.

  • Joel Beukelman for assisting throughout the entire process.  Designer, photographer, consultant, and now, homey.  Consequently, the site very much has his thumbprint.  He proved to be a huge help from concept to launch, and I sense we have many cool projects in our future.  Check out some of Joel’s work at
  • Kenny Grill for his excellent photography.  Kenny has a great eye and mad skills, some of his photos helped bring a new level of sophistication to the site.  Check him out at
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  1. Rich Hemsley says:

    Great job on the new site guys. It looks great.

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