New Release – The Tawny (Port)

We’re proud to officially announce the release of our first Port-style* dessert wine, which we’ve affectionately dubbed, The Tawny. It took us a little longer than expected, but its here now and it’s everything we’d hoped it would be and more.

In crafting The Tawny, we wanted to make a Port that had a strong sense of tradition, but a modern sense of style.Some wine drinkers today have a hard time warming up to Port or Port-style wines.Ports can simply seem a little too heavy and rich.So I felt our blend had to be classic, but stylish and approachable.A wine than anyone could enjoy.

We contacted various Port producers around California searching for base wines to work with. Over a period of several weeks we located and blind tasted over 70 lots of premium wines. Some of these wines were just down right beautiful, it was a truly amazing experience. But we were looking for something very specific, wines which would compliment each other beautifully in a blend, making a Port of style and grace.

We eventually settled upon three specific wines – Souzao, Touriga Nacional and Tinta Cao (64%, 28%, 8%, respectively).All from the 2000 vintage, all aged in redwood tanks for 3 years, and finally racked to neutral oak for 6 more years.Not surprisingly, all the wines came from Ficklin Vineyards. Ficklin has worked pretty closely with UC Davis since the early 40’s to plant, manage and perfect Portuguese grape varieties in Madera.

With those special base wines, we fashioned a focused but graceful Port blend, a mid-weight wine of elegant character and deft balance.The finished blend is what the traditionally the Portuguese would refer to as a Colheita – a fine Tawny port in which all the base wines come from a single vintage.

Bear in mind, although elegant, it’s still very focused and intense. This is the nature of fine Port.It softens nicely with a little air, and is best enjoyed in small doses.If you are new to this style of wine – allow it time to breathe, sip it gently, savor its depth of flavor, and enhance it with a bit of fine Chocolate.You won’t be disappointed. Order the Tawny Port here.


Tasting Notes: It shows dusty spiced cherry and plum character, honeyed orange peel, sweet mahogany, and a fine thread of nutty caramel.Notes of black licorice appear as well, especially at first opening – they soften and fade away with a little air.

Pairing:The Tawny pairs extremely well with all things chocolate and dark berry related.

*Interesting Fact:You may already know this, but by international agreement, the term ‘Port’ is no longer officially allowed on the label unless a wine was produced in Portugal, or a winery has been using the term prior to March 10, 2006.

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  1. Very Cool! I really enjoy “Port’s” I will have to have one the next time I am out (not to mention grab a bottle for the house)

    Site is looking awesome!

    ~ Aaron I

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