October 5 – Miramonte’s End of Harvest

We crushed the last of the grapes from the 2009 harvest today, several tons of Europa Village’s prime Mourvedre.  And I have to say, harvest went out this year with something of a bang.  Recent cool temperatures allowed the Mourvedre long hang time to really develop nicely on the vine.  Consequently, the grapes were amazing.  Full flavors, magnificently well-rounded and complete.  In a couple of weeks, we’ll have a fabulous base wine on our hands.  Truly.

For all that, there is one point of great pride I am compelled to share.  Of all the grapes I’ve seen and tasted across the valley in 2009, our Estate Syrah was the undeniable top performer.  I suppose anyone can make that claim — but in truth, it was Reinhard who first brought it to my attention.  It just had something special, that extra level of depth you’re always working toward and striving for.

I give Reinhard a great deal of the credit for that.  Under his direction we stepped up our vineyard management this year, cut our yields, and really focused on vine balance.  There was one point in the season when Ben Drake came up to me (after making a few passes in the vineyard) , and said, “God, but this guy is anal.”  But he loved it, because he knows what we’re doing and he wants to be a part of it.  Anyway, the resulting quality increase was impressive, and next year we’ll see even better results.

Winemaking is about the details, and that’s what we’re really focused on these days – the details of excellence.

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